sign|post1 [ˈsaınpəust US -poust] n
1.) especially BrE a sign at the side of a road showing directions and distances
American Equivalent: sign
I'm sure that signpost is pointing the wrong way.
Just follow the signposts to the city centre.
2.) something that helps you understand how something is organized, where to go, or what will follow - used especially in news reports
As yet, there are few signposts pointing to success.
signpost 2
signpost2 v [T] BrE
1.) be well/clearly/badly signposted
to be clearly or unclearly shown by signposts
The village isn't very well signposted.
2.) to show something clearly so that everyone will notice and understand it - used especially in news reports
They have signposted their conclusions in the report.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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